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What Tires are Best for Your Truck?

April 21, 2020

If you ve looked at truck tires before, you already know there are a few different tire types to choose from. So how do you know what kind of tires you need? Let s go through three main types of truck tires so you can decide which tires are best for your truck.


First, we have All-Terrain tires. These are the least aggressive tires on this list which means they re typically going to be the quietest tires going down the road. All-Terrain tires also have the least aggressive tread pattern. So if you don t want to have an extremely aggressive look, the All-Terrain tire will be worth looking into. These tires are primarily designed for day-to-day street use. Their tread is built to give you the most response and traction on pavement.


Next, we ll look at Mud-Terrain or Mud Tires. As the name suggests, Mud Tires are designed to go through mud and another harsh terrain. These are primarily designed for off-road use as they have an extremely aggressive tread and often produce a lot of noise. However, if you re looking to get the most off-road performance and you put your truck to the test on the trails, there is no better option than the mud tire.


So what if you like off-roading but don t do it every day and you want a comfortable tire that can be used both on and off the road? This is where Hybrid Tires come in. Hybrid Tires combine the capabilities and aggressive looks of a mud tire while giving you the usability of an all-terrain. They are kind of the best of both worlds. They re decent off-road and can get you through a good amount of rough terrain, but don t produce as much road noise as the mud tire. These also carry over some styling qualities from the mud tire so they are usually aggressive in their styling. Hybrid Tire is the most popular type of truck tire to date.

So there s the breakdown of the different truck tire types. Each one has it s pros and cons but there will definitely be one that meets your needs and your budget.