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Top 5 Budget Wheels and Tires for Cars

April 22, 2020

1. F1R F29 / Hankook Ventus V2 Concept 2

First on our list is the F1R F29 paired with a Hankook Ventus V2 Concept 2. The F1R F29 is one of our most popular wheels and it s even crazier than it s as cheap as it is. The F29 features directional spokes with aggressive accents and looks good on a ton of different cars. We often see people running this wheel with the Hankook Ventus V2 Concept 2. Concept 2 is a budget-friendly performance tire that will give you great response and traction in dry environments.

2. Option Lab R716 / Nitto Neo Gen

Next, we have the Option Lab R716. This wheel has a double five-spoke design with concave spokes. This is a very aggressive wheel that has sharp lines and looks fit for the racetrack. The R716 has quite a few different finishes to choose from along with a variety of sizes. The Nitto Neo Gen is a very popular all-season tire that will give you awesome performance for your daily drive. Plus, the tread pattern looks pretty cool.

3. Konig Ampliform / Federal SS 595

The Konig Ampliform can commonly be found on cars like the Ford Focus and VW GTI. This is a split six-spoke wheel also with concave spokes. Like the R716, the Konig Ampliform looks ready to hit the track. The styling can completely change the way your car looks without being too obnoxious. The Federal SS 595 is arguably the most popular performance tire thanks to its low cost and good performance. This tire is perfect for anyone who likes to have fun on curvy roads or attend the occasional track day.

4. Aodhan AH02 / Nankang NS25

The Aodhan AH02 is a mesh style wheel that has been pretty popular for a while in the car scene. There are also rivets along the inner lip which give the wheel a multipiece look without having the extra cost. Aodhan offers the AH02 in a ton of different finishes so there is most likely one for you. Paired with the AH02 we have the Nankang NS-25. This is an all-season tire and is one of the best bang for your buck all-season tires on the market.

5. AVID1 AV6 / Toyo Extenza HP II

Last but certainly not least we have the AVID1 AV6. This wheel might look familiar to you because it shares a lot of its design with wheels like the Varrstoen ES2 and Volk TE37. This iconic design fits on just about any Japanese car and flows nicely with all of the body lines. This has easily become one of the most iconic wheel designs of all time. The Toyo Extenza HP II is a performance all-season tire which means it provides all of the grips that you need to have a good time in the corners while providing great grip on a day-to-day basis and a slightly longer lifespan.