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Top 5 Forged Truck Wheels

April 23, 2020

American Force AFWB02

First, were bringing you the American Force AFWB02. This unique wheel has a star-like spoke design that really pops. You can see all of the rivets around the lip along with the name engraved which make this wheel look extremely high class. This wheel has a deep dish that makes it look a lot bigger and the overall design comes together very nicely.

Axe Offroad AX2.0

Next up is the Axe Offroad AX2.0. This multi-spoke wheel features a black face and lip with milled accents. This wheel has a lot more of an aggressive look than the previous wheel. The words Compression Forged are engraved on the lip of the wheel surrounded by rivets. Speaking of the lip, this wheel has a huge lip that seems to never end. Definitely a unique design.

American Force AKA SS

The American Force AKA SS is a beautiful multi-spoke wheel with directional spokes. This wheel will definitely make your truck pop as there are many aggressive design ques like the milled spokes or the rivets around the rim. Youll also notice that the face of the spokes is brushed but the lip is polished. This gives the AKA SS a deeper look.

American Force AFW11

Next, we have another wheel by American Force, the AFW11. This is a more simplistic design featuring eight smooth spokes with a polished look throughout the entire wheel. American Force seemed to take a less is more approach to the design of this wheel and it definitely paid off. If youre going for a simple, clean look, then the AFW11 will be perfect for you.

Axe Offroad AX2.1

Finally, we have the Axe Offroad AX2.1. This is a double-spoke directional wheel that is almost identical to Axe Offroads AX2.0. This one is featured in a brushed grey finish that gives a new level off aggression and stands out from the typical black milled or chrome wheels that have become so popular lately. This is a wheel that can look good on just about any truck.