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Top 5 Truck Suspension

April 23, 2020

ProRyde Adjustable Leveling Kit

First on the list is the ProRyde Adjustable Leveling Kit. A leveling kit corrects the factory rake and lifts just the front end of the truck to make it sit level. The ProRyde kit stands out by allowing you to adjust how much front end lift you want. This kit gives you the freedom to adjust your height higher for things like snowplows.

Rough Country 6 Inch Lift Kit

Next is the 6-inch lift kit by Rough Country. Rough Country has prided itself on creating quality lift kits at a really affordable price. Their 6-inch lift kit is incredibly popular and it s easy to see why. A 6-inch lift gives you plenty of lift without going over the top and Rough Country s prices are tough too beat.

BDS Suspension 2 Inch Suspension Lift

If you want a more subtle lift, BDS Suspension offers a 2-inch lift kit. This would provide a little bump in ground clearance and improved look without having something over the top. Plus, if you know the truck suspension market, you know that BDS Suspension creates some of the best lift kits in the industry.

McGaughys 7-9 Inch Lift Kit

If you want a lot of lift then there is almost no better option than the McGaughys 7-9 inch lift kit. You can get a ton of lift out of this kit with improved suspension performance. McGaughys is known for its quality products and you ll definitely see it in this kit. Whether you re going for a show truck or an off-road monster, this kit will meet your expectations.

Kryptonite Stage 1 Leveling Kit

Finally, we have the Kryptonite Stage 1 Leveling Kit. This will lift the front of your truck about 2 inches to provide a level stance when the truck is not under load. This is a fairly simple, cost-effective leveling kit that has become incredibly popular.