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Best Bang for Your Buck Truck Wheels and Tires

May 4, 2020

1. ARKON OFF-ROAD Cleopatra / Kanati Mud Hog

If you're unfamiliar with their brand, ARKON OFF-ROAD is a very exclusive company that produces high quality, show style wheels. The coolest part is that their wheels are Proper Directional meaning they all turn the same way no matter what side of the truck they're on. The Cleopatra is one of their true directional wheels with stunning looks. The windowed eight spoke design is beautiful and definitely stands out in a crowd. It's pretty insane that we get to pair a set of ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels with a set of Kanati Mud Hogs for such an incredible price. The Mud Hog has grown in popularity lately and we can see why. The tread and sidewall designs are extremely aggressive which pairs really well with the design of the Cleopatra. If you're trying for an aggressive look, this setup will exceed your expectations.

2. Vision Razor / Federal Couragia MT

Next is the Vision Razor with a Federal Couragia MT. The Vision Razor is a bold six-spoke wheel with windowed accents in each spoke. This is a very muscular wheel that comes in a variety of sizes and just looks menacing. There are a few different finishes and they all look equally aggressive. This is a very sharp looking wheel. We chose to pair it with the Federal Couragia MT because the Couragia MT has been so popular as a budget mud tire and has a crazy aggressive tread pattern. The tread blocks are huge and give the tire an intimidating look.

3. Gear Off-Road Big Block / Kenda Klever RT

The Gear Off-Road Big Block is more of a simplistic design but that's part of the reason why we love it. Gear Off-Road added some aggressive ques like the rivets around the outer lip while keeping it classy with a simple eight spoke design. They also added milling on the inner edges of the spokes which give the wheel a deeper, more intricate look. Pair it to the Kenda Klever RT which has a very cool semi-aggressive tread pattern and interesting sidewall design and you have the perfect setup to give your ride a little bit more aggression without being over the top.

4. Pro Comp Series 34 / Venom Power Terra Hunter

Our next pick was the Pro Comp Series 34 with a Venom Power Terra Hunter. Pro Comp has been in the offroad business for a long time and there is almost nobody better to include on this list for an offroad setup. The Series 34 is a classic offroad style wheel that gives a muscular, solid look to your truck. The rivets around the lip give it an almost military-Esque design. Pairing it with one of our personal favorite tires, the Venom Power Terra Hunter, was a no brainer. The Terra Hunter has an awesome look since the sidewall tread is straight up and down. This makes the tire look bigger and way more aggressive. For offroad looks, this combo is hard to beat.

5. Ultra Apocalypse / Gladiator XComp AT

Last but certainly not least we have the Ultra Apocalypse and the Gladiator XComp AT. The Ultra Apocalypse is a concave wheel that actually somewhat resembles something that would be in the car scene. You'll notice that the Apocolypse also features rivets but they're painted black rather than milled out. This is a really sleek design that we love and Ultra is known for creating great looking, affordable wheels. The Gladiator XComp AT is the only all-terrain tire on this list and we wanted to include it for those of you that spend more time driving on the road than off. This is an aggressive-looking all-terrain so you get good looks with a quieter ride.