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What Fits a Chevy 1500

May 8, 2020

1. 1989-1998

If you have an old school Silverado, finding fitment answers can be a little bit challenging. Here's what we found

If you choose to run a leveling kit, we've found the most popular size to be: 9 wide wheel with a -12 offset. For tires, 33x11.5 seemed to be the most common.

Leveling kit not giving you enough lift? Well, we've found the next step up for most owners is a 4-inch suspension lift. For this setup, we typically see a 10 wide tire with a -24 offset. As far as tires, owners usually stay with a 33 but jump up to a 12.5 wide since the lift allows a slightly bigger tire.

Finally, if you want to go big or go home, the 6-inch lift kit can fit a 12 wide with a -44 offset and you're able to run 35s for tires. This is by far the most aggressive set up for this generation on the list.

2. 1999-2006 (2007 Classic)

If you own the next generation of Silverado, the following sizes will fit 1999-2006 as well as a 2007 Classic 1500.

3.5-inch Leveling Kit: 10 wide wheels with a -24 offset. For tires we see 33x12.5

4-inch lift: 12 wide wheels with a -44 offset paired to a 32x12 tire

6-inch lift: 12 wide wheels with a 33x12.5 tire. This is a very aggressive set up so you may experience a little rubbing when turning.

3. 2007-2013

Last but not least, if you have a newer Silverado between 2007-2013, these are the common sizes we see people running.

Leveling Kit: This will allow a 20x9 -12 offset wheel with a 33x11 tire.

3.5-inch lift: This lift lets owners jump to a 20x12 wheel with a 33x12 tire. More aggressive all around.

6-inch lift: Finally, this lift will let keep you at the same size wheel, 20x12, but allow you to get a slightly bigger 33x12.5 tire.