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What Wheels Fit a Ford Mustang

May 11, 2020


Typically in this generation, we see the Ford Mustang running a 18x9.5 wheel with a 235/40 tire. However, most of the builds that we've seen run a staggered setup and the tire sizes can vary quite a bit. Whether you're going for a classic muscle car look or a show style build, this setup should get your build where you want it to be.


Similar to the previous, the 18x9.5 seems to be the go-to when it comes to wheel size. We do typically see the tire sizes increase to around the 255/35 sizes since this body style is a little more aggressive.


This one is interesting. This body style typically runs more of a show style build so we start seeing some big wheel sizes. The most common is the 20x10 and sticking with around a 245 width tire. These cars are a little bigger-bodied so they work well for show style builds.


This is arguably the most loved newer generation of the Mustang. The 20x9 wheel is by far the most common size for this generation since it creates a very aggressive street look. Tires are still hovering around the 245 width mark with the rears usually around a 295 width.


Last but not least is the newest body style of the Mustang. Wheel size stays the same at around a 20x9 wheel but we start to see a little bit bigger tire come in with the average being around a 255 in front and 305 in the rear.