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Top 5 5x114.3 Wheels

June 22, 2020

1. Aodhan DS07

First is the Aodhan DAS07. This is a 10-spoke wheel that simulates a 3-piece look. There are a good-sized lip and simulated bead lock. Available in black, gold, or silver, the DS07 gives the appearance of an expensive wheel while being cost-effective. It's commonly found on cars like the Subaru WRX and on the Z platform which includes the Nissan 350Z/370Z and Infiniti G35/G37. If you want a 3 piece wheel look without breaking the bank, this is the perfect wheel for you.

2. Enkei RPF1

Arguably one of the most iconic wheels in the entire industry, the Enkei RPF1 combines a very aggressive style with lightweight and performance. This is a wheel that truly looks good on any car. If your build is more of a track-focused style, the RPF1 will give you everything you want in an aggressive trackwheel.

3. Cosmis Racing XT-206R

Cosmis Racing has been huge lately and it's easy to understand why. Their wheels are available in a ton of different sizes and finishes. The XT-206R is no exception to this. If you've ever heard the name Cosmis Racing, this is the wheel that has probably come to mind instantly. It's so bold and aggressive, the XT-206R is hard not to love.

4. Kansei KNP

Somewhat new to the industry, Kansei typically caters to the JDM community but has recently been finding its way over to the Euro scene as well. The KNP has a classic fat five-spoke design that looks incredibly clean. Throw this on a 240SX or any other old school Japanese car and you can expect it to complement any design very well. This wheel is for those of you that want a clean, simple wheel that is quickly becoming iconic.

5. AVID1 AV6

Last but not least is the AVID1 AV6. This wheel has a very similar style to probably the most important wheel ever made, the Volk TE37. This is a concave six-spoke wheel that just looks clean. The AV6 will work well with a track-style build or even a show style. It can really do it all, similar to the Enkei RPF1. This wheel is even finding its way onto some domestic vehicles.