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Top 5 6x135 Wheels

June 25, 2020

1. Moto Metal MO970

We'll start off with the Moto Metal MO970. This has arguably been one of the most popular wheels on the market. It's an eight-spoke design that's really simple and clean in the way it's styled which is probably why this wheel has sold so well. It's not as in your face as a lot of other wheels on the market. You'll notice that there are rivets around the outside of the wheel as well which is really nice to see. It gives a sense of aggression to an otherwise subtle wheel which is pretty unique. There are also a ton of finishes including Black, Black Milled, Gloss Black, Gray and Black, and more!

2. TIS 544BM

Next is the TIS 544BM. This is more of a show style wheel with directional, windowed design. This is a very busy and aggressive style that would take a pretty special build to pull off. The 544BM is only available in a black milled finish which highlights both the large and small windows of the wheel really well and almost fives an optical illusion where it looks like the spokes are floating. There is also TIS OFFROAD around the entire outer portion of the wheel. Have a dual setup? TIS makes the 544BM for you too and it's available all the way to an insane -198 offset!

3. Ballistic Rage

The Ballistic Rage has been all the rage lately. See what I did there? Corny jokes aside, this wheel means business with a thick 8 spoke design and a deep lip. If you look closely, the Rage actually has concave spokes but not in the traditional way. The spokes almost look indented towards the center of each spoke which is something you don't really see that often. This wheel also has a large, very prominent center cap, beautiful riveting around the outer edge with BALLISTIC engraved, and very subtle milling which all combined makes the Ballistic Rage very bold and clean.

4. Motiv Offroad Magnus

Back to another clean design, the Motiv Offroad Magnus almost resembles a mesh style design with flat spokes and a large lip. As I mentioned, this is another simple, clean design that will pair well with just about any build. There's honestly not a ton to say about the Magnus. It's perfect for anyone who wants a simple look but doesn't want thick spokes that most of the other wheels have. If you like rivets but don't want them to clash or break up the solid color, you're in luck because the Magnus offers paint matched rivets which set the wheel off a little bit without being over the top.

5. Hardrock Gunner

Finally, we have the Hardrock Gunner. This one has a similar style to the TIS except it's not directional. It shares the same milled, windowed style, however. This is another deep lipped wheel with riveted accents and a large center cap. Hardrock has had some pretty impressive wheels released in the past few years and the Gunner is no exception to this. The milling gives a lot of definition to the black finish and makes the wheel look completely different in different lighting. A lot of people rock this wheel and we definitely think you should too!