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Should I Buy Coilovers or Lowering Springs

October 15, 2020

Coilovers are great for track use and for achieving the lowest static ride height. If you're looking to just lower your vehicle without losing the daily comfort of your stock suspension, go with lowering springs. Lowering springs also offer a lower price point than coilovers but do not give you as much performance. Let's break down the pros and cons of each option.



  • Lower ride height
  • Major Improvement in performance
  • Full Adjustability


  • Higher Cost
  • Stiffer Ride

Coilovers offer a great way to not only make the look of your vehicle more aggressive but completely change the way it handles in the corners. Coilovers also offer a wide amount of adjustment from ride height to dampening, which gives you the ability to adjust how your car handles and reacts to changes in the road. You can set the dampening to be soft and enjoy a smoother ride or set it to stiff and get ready to tear up the corners.

Depending on what coilovers you choose, you may even get more adjustment than that. If you find yourself going to the track frequently, it might be worth your investment to get into a more expensive and more advanced coilover. Aside from just performance, coilovers will allow your vehicle to sit a lot lower than lowering springs making it the perfect way to get a more aggressive fitment.

Lowering Springs


  • Lower Cost
  • Smoother ride than coilovers
  • Easy Install


  • Little to no adjustability
  • Extra wear on stock struts

If you just want to lower your vehicle without worrying about adjustments or just want to give your vehicle a better look without sacrificing ride, lowering springs are perfect for you. In order to install these, you need to remove the factory spring from your suspension and replace it with the lowered one. The strut then bolts back into the car and boom, you're lowered. These springs usually don't allow more than a two-inch drop but for some builds, that's all you need. This is also the most cost-effective way to lower your vehicle.