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Types of Summer Tires

July 3, 2020

1. Summer

We'll start off with the basic summer tire. This type is designed to handle hot pavement and maintain good traction throughout dry and wet conditions. Their tread patterns are pretty diverse with some almost looking like an all-season with all of the water evacuation channels and deeper tread, while others have a more aggressive styling. There are a lot of options for this type of tire but the most common seems to revolve around the Achilles 122 and Toyo Proxes Sport. These tires are for the person who wants a smooth, quiet tire that will perform well in dry and wet conditions.

2. Performance

Next, we have performance tires. Just like the name states, these tires are designed to give a sporty driving feel. Often these tires hold an immense amount of grip in the corners, giving the drive a fantastic road feel and incredible steering response. These tires are typically more expensive than your standard summer tire due to the advanced compound and increased performance you get from them. It is worth taking note that these tires are typically a bit noisier than a summer tire and usually wear a little bit faster. Some popular performance tires include the Federal SS595 and the Nitto NT555 G2

3. Competition

Last but not least, we have competition tires. These bad boys offer the driest grip on the market. They're made from an incredibly sticky compound and have the most aggressive tread design of any road-legal tire. Tires like these include the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 and Toyo Proxes R888R. These should really only be run on your weekend racecar since they're usually really loud and wear pretty quickly from normal use. However, if you're looking to turn your car from a calm, back road cruise to an absolute track monster, there's no better option than competition tires.