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Silvers Suspension Review

August 20, 2020

Who is Silver's Suspension

Silvers Suspension has become incredibly popular recently but a lot of people don't realize that Silvers has been around for quite some time. Silver's Suspension was actually founded in 1999 by a racecar driver that saw a gap in the quality and performance of suspension products that were on the market at the time. Silver's dedicated their company to creating extremely high-quality coilovers without charging an outrageous price for them. They promised to stay true to their racing heritage by designing their suspension products with performance and reliability always being a priority. We're happy to tell you that they've been delivering on that promise for the last 20 years.

Silvers Suspension Coilovers

Silvers coilovers are hand-built and every component is put through rigorous testing to ensure that no corners were cut and the quality that they strive to achieve. Currently, Silver's offers two different types of coilovers. The NEOMAX and the NEOMAX 2-Way with the standard NEOMAX being their entry-level model. The NEOMAX has everything the standard enthusiast would be looking for in a coilover. They're fully adjustable height and camber plates allow you to get the fitment that you're trying to achieve while giving you great functionality. The NEOMAX also has a Linear Piston Design that allows the coilover to provide way better track performance while maintaining decent ride quality.

NEOMAX Coilovers Features

  • Adjustable Camber Plates
  • Adjustable Height
  • Linear Piston
  • Aluminum Lower Brackets

If you need a more advanced system, check out the NEOMAX 2-Way coilovers instead. These offer the most possible performance for your dollar. The offer completely independent adjustability with 40 clicks of rebound and 24 clicks of compression adjustment. This will allow you to fine-tune your suspension to be able to handle bumps without upsetting the car during a corner. Most importantly, the NEOMAX 2-Way coilovers feature an external reservoir to keep the oil cooler and allow a better response. You'll also notice that this has a carbon steel shock body to resist corrosion and has large hardened steel shafts to increase rigidity and strength.

NEOMAX 2-Way Coilovers

  • Independently Adjustable
  • External Reservoir
  • Adjustable Camber Plates
  • Carbon Steel Shock Body
  • Hardened Steel Shafts