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Top 5 Show Truck Wheels

September 10, 2020

5. TIS 544BM

First up, we have the TIS 544BM which has been exploding in popularity thanks to its intricate styling and great price! The 544BM is featuring a beautiful black milled finish that makes this wheel intoxicating to look at. Pair he milled spokes with TIS OFFROAD engraved on the lip and you have a gorgeous wheel that looks just as good on the move as it does standing still. The TIS 544BM is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 16 to 26-inch diameters, 6.5 to 14-inch widths, and offsets that can be as low as -198mm for the dual trucks!


Next, is ARKON-OFFROAD coming in with their Caesar. ARKON has become a staple name in the show truck industry thanks to its directionally designed wheels that offer super high build quality at a fantastic price. The Caesar is a multip spoke, a directional wheel that has subtle milling around each window. One thing to note about ARKON's directional wheels is that they all turn the same way when moving. ARKON OFF-ROAD has coined this technology as Proper Directional which has taken the industry by storm. You can get the Caesar in a black milled or chrome finish with sizes ranging from 20 - 24-inch diameters, 10 - 14-inch widths, and offsets as low as -81.

3. Vision Spyder

The Vision Spyder comes in as the most affordable wheel on this list making it perfect for those of you that are new to the show scene. This is a directionally styled wheel with a riveted lip and thick milling around the windows in the spokes. The Spyder also has exposed lug nuts making it a perfect candidate for spiked lug nuts. Sizing starts at a 20x9 and goes up to a 24x12 making it pretty versatile for most builds. Available in a black milled, chrome, or solid black finish, the Vision Spyder will be able to fit any build.

2. Hostile H108

The Hostile H108 actually shares a very similar design to the Vision Spyder. It has the same mesh style, windowed spoke design but with more intricate milling within each spoke larger lip, and options for a non-riveted lip. Sizing is pretty similar as well so you'll have a wide variety of options for fitment.


We've saved the best for last. The ARKON-OFFROAD Lincoln is the brand's flagship model. Featuring 8 wide rectangular spokes with ARKON's signature Proper Directional technology, the Lincoln is one of the most beautiful, yet simple show wheels ever designed. We've seen it on everything from a lifted Silverado to a squatted Ford Bronco. You simply can't go wrong with the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln.