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Top 5 Off-Road Wheels

September 17, 2020

5. Ballistic Rage

Ballistic has been in the wheel game for a while so needless to say, they know what enthusiasts are looking for. The Rage is one of their most popular wheel models thanks to its simple 8 spoke design with milled accents. You'll notice a large center cap that hides the lugs, rivets along the outer lip, and BALLISTIC engraved in between. This wheel is perfect for someone who wants a clean, simple wheel that's easy to clean after a day on the trails.

4. TIS 544BM

The TIS 544BM is often looked at as a show truck wheel due to its intricate style and aggressive offsets. However, TIS is known for creating some of the strongest and most capable wheels on the market which is the reason you see it on this list. This is a very aggressive, multi-spoke wheel that has a lot of milling and subtle accents. There are exposed lug nuts on the 544BM as well making it perfect for spiked lug nuts. This wheel will make your truck stand out in any crowd.

3. Fuel Assault

Possibly the wildest and most menacing wheel on this list, we have the Fuel Assault. It's hard to describe exactly how this wheel looks since its shape is so unique. The spokes are split at the ends and seem to grab onto the lip. The concave design of this wheel makes it look like the center cap is trying to crawl out of the wheel. There aren't many wheels on the market that can match the aggressive nature of the Fuel Assault making it perfect for any mean-looking off-road build.

2. Moto Metal MO970

Arguably the most popular off-road wheel on the market to date, the Moto Metal MO970 keeps it simple with a clean 8-spoke design, a large all black center cap, hidden lugs, and rivets along the lip. This is a wheel that can truly look good on any truck and Moto Metal has a reputation for making high quality wheels that can take a beating. Plus, after all of that mud, dirt, and grime from your adventure has coated your wheels, the MO970 will be relatively easy to clean so you can keep them looking brand new.

1. Anthem Off-Road Equalizer

We've saved the best for last. The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer is one of the toughest off-road wheels on the market and offers a massive community to back them up. If you don't know already, Anthem Off-Road is a brand that lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle. They let their passion for hunting, fishing, and camping influence the way they build their wheels. Every Anthem wheel is designed to withstand the punishment of any outdoor adventure. The Equalizer is among their most popular wheels thanks to its windowed 7-spoke design, beautiful milling, and definitive Anthem styling that the off-road community has come to love.