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What Wheels Fit 2017 - 2020 Ford F250

November 5, 2020

For those of you who need a heavy-duty truck with a more aggressive setup, here's a fitment guide for the 2017 - 2020 Ford F250!

Fitment Information

First things first, before you even get started on this build you are going to have to know the basics of your fitment. The bolt pattern for this generation of F-250 s is an 8x170 mm so when you get wheels, be sure that they are compatible with this bolt pattern. As far as a lift or leveling kit, you always want to make sure that is compatible with your year, make, and model as well.

As you get bigger and bigger you can obviously fit larger aftermarket wheels or tires, just always make sure to read the largest size tire you can get with your lift. If you are unsure, then this What Fits Guide will help you along the way because these builds have already proven to have worked.

Leveling Kit With 20-Inch Wheels


On this build, the owner is running the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln. This is one of ARKON's best sellers, the Lincoln is show-stopping. With 8 thick, beefy spokes, that demand attention, and exposed lugnuts this wheel is truly one of a kind.

This wheel has such great versatility that it will match almost any build and any vehicle. This is a true or proper directional, alloy wheel and it is available in chrome and black milled. This truck is running the 20x12 -51 Lincoln, this just shows the versatility of this wheel, it can be large on a show truck or smaller on a practical truck all while looking amazing. 


For tires, we can see the Nitto Ridge Grappler which is easily one of the most popular tires on sale right now. The Ridge Grappler offers fantastic on and off road performance, aggressive looks, and a great price for a name that has earned its place in the off-road community. This is the ideal tire for someone that loves to hit the trails on the weekend but doesn't want to sacrifice daily-drivability.


The suspension system seen here is the ReadyLIFT Leveling Kit. That kit is currently not available however, we do recommend the ProRyde Leveling Kit if you want great performance, price, and aesthetic. The ProRyde Leveling Kit has been praised for its strength, ease of installation, lasting power, and durability.

People love it because it is an easy and affordable way to make their truck look better without going over the top it will give you a slightly lifted look with a little more ground clearance than stock.

6-Inch Lift With 24-Inch


This F250 is running the TIS 544BM. Arguably the most popular truck wheel this year, the 544 will be perfect for any show style build while the 24x14 size makes the wheel big enough to appreciate all of the detail that when into creating this wheel. With plenty of milled accents and engraving around the outer lip, the TIS 544BM is sure to turn heads everywhere you go.


The tires on this build are the AMP Mud Terrain Attack Mt A in a size 37x13.5. So you can see on this build with the larger lift he has been able to also larger wheels and tires with ease. This will give the truck a different look and feel.

Off-Road focused tires are what AMP specializes in. Their unique tread designs offer high traction that won t lose its grip.

With their mud-terrain and all-terrain options, they have a tire for just about anyone and at affordable rates that you can t beat. The Attack Mt A has a twin lug sidewall, performance tread design, tread depth, and great off-road performance. 

More Fitment

If you these two setups aren't what you're looking for, fill out the quote form on the right hand side of this blog to let our experts help you get the fitment you're looking for at an incredible price. It's super fast, easy, and takes all of the work off of your shoulders. Our experts specialize in getting the perfect fitment for your vehicle and would be happy to help!

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