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Best Wheels for Lexus GX470

November 19, 2020

1. Method MR305

The Method MR305 stays true to the hardcore off-road look that Method is known for creating. This is probably what you're looking for if you have a Lexus GX470. The MR306 has a multi-spoke, beadlock design that looks clean and rugged. The exposed lug nuts complement the beadlock really well and with a few different finsih options, there's bounce to be an MR305 that you like. Use the form on the right to let our experts help you find your perfect set!

2. Black Rhino Arsenal

Black Rhino is most known for their incredibly industrial-looking design and the Arsenal is no exception. The deep-dish look with large rivets and a huge center cap makes this wheel look like it was pulled straight off of a military assault vehicle. If you want your build to look like it can bust down walls and climb over anything, Black Rhino wheels are hard to beat. You can get the Arsenal in Black or Black and Bronze finishes with sizes ranging from 16x8 all the way to 20x9.5.

3. Method NV

Arguably the most popular Method wheel, the NV looks very similar to the MR305 but features longer spokes and bigger windows. The NV also comes in finishes like Bronze and Machined black. This wheel is incredibly common in the off-road scene as it compliments just about any build while maintaining the high build quality standard the Method has. You can't go wrong with the Method NV.