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Best Car Wheel Brands of 2020

December 23, 2020


1. Artisa ArtFormed Wheels

Artisa ArtFormed wheels took the aftermarket wheel scene by storm with their ArtFormed, Deco Directional wheels. Releasing five wheels at launch, the company showed the world that they were setting the new standard for wheels. Each wheel features a directional wheels that turn the same direction on each side of the car, a style they call Deco Directional. The wheels are made from A356+ aluminum and feature precise engineering to save weight, leave room for big brakes, and achieve an immense amount of strength.

2. Cosmis Racing

An incredibly popular wheel company for the JDM scene, Cosmis Racing makes some of the best looking wheels on the market at a very competitive price. In fact, we've seen their XT-206R wheel all over car meets and on a huge variety of builds. A lot of their wheels also feature a wide variety of sizes and even wider variety of finishes. Plus, wheels like the XT-206R have a completely different look depending on the width and offset you choose. With this many customization options, it's easy to see why Cosmis Racing made this list.

3. Heritage Wheels

Heritage makes some truly astonishing wheel designs. From the Hokkaido to the Ebisu, these wheels focus on retro JDM styling ques that turn heads everywhere. The attention to detail put into every Heritage wheel is what sets them apart from the competition and has built a very loyal customer base.

4. ESR

ESR came a long way this year. With the launch of their CS lineup, ESR was able to design wheels that looked like a multi-piece design but were in fact a one-piece wheel. This lineup took off very quickly since enthusiasts were not able to get a wheel that looked high-class without having to break the bank. You can see ESR wheels on just about any type of car because they come in a ton of different bolt patterns and sizes.

5. Konig

Last but certainly not least, we have Konig wheels. Konig has been around a long time and has always been a staple in the car scene. They offer a great balance of performance and style with models such as the Ampliform and Hypergram. Konig shows no sign of slowing down in popularity which we're happy to see. We love their wheels and we know you will too!