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Top 10 Truck Wheel Brands in 2022

May 17, 2022


What are the top truck wheel brands for 2022? Today, we've compiled a list of the top 10 truck wheel brands of 2022 thus far. Check it out before buying new wheels for your truck!



1) Anthem Off-Road

Why Anthem Off-Road?


  • Amazing looking wheels that can perform on and off the road

  • High-quality wheels at an affordable price

  • Offers a Miliary & Veteran Discount to honor those who serve/served

  • Known for their exceptional customer service
  • A 100% American owned and operated company


Anthem Off-Road is our first truck wheel brand on our list of Top 10 Truck Wheel Brands of 2022. Anthem Off-Road wheels are built tough while featuring unique designs that will upgrade your truck's appearance.



Anthem Off-Road values quality wheels for the real working American who wants their truck to be able to endure the working environment and look good while doing it. Their most popular wheel is theEqualizer offered in a Gloss Black finish, Matte Black finish, and a Black Milled finish.






  • Proper Directional Design
  • High-quality luxury wheels
  • Four extremely popular wheel models that complement many trucks
  • ARKON OFF-ROAD team has +20 years of experience



ARKON OFF-ROAD is #2 on our list of the most popular truck wheel brands of 2022. ARKON OFF-ROAD designs high-quality wheels with luxury and style in mind.



ARKON OFF-ROAD's luxury wheels are Proper Directional which means that the wheels on each side of the truck will mirror each other.

This luxury design feature is usually only found on forged wheels, but ARKON OFF-ROAD has exceeded expectations with all of their Proper Directional wheels.



Their most popular wheel the Caesar which is a multi-spoke Proper Directional one-piece wheel offered in a Chrome finish and the most popular finish, Black Milled.


3) Fuel Off-Road


Why Fuel Off-Road?

  • High-quality wheels that combine looks, function, and fitment variety
  • Innovative company focus
  • Range of wheel types for trucks including 1-piece, 2-piece, forged, and dually wheels
  • Wheels made with the off-road enthusiast in mind



Fuel Off-Road is #3 on our list. Fuel Off-Road was born in 2009 has since then has designed some of the most advanced off-road wheels.



They focus on offering wheels that combine looks, function, and fitment variety. One of their most popular wheels in 2022 so far is the Assault offered in a Black and Gloss Black finish.


4) Hostile

Why Hostile?


  • Aggressive off-road wheel designs

  • Many refer to Hostile wheel designs as "one of a kind"

  • Known for their extreme build quality

  • Popular for show truck style builds



Hostile is #4 on our list. Hostile is a notorious wheel brand that revolves around aggressively designed off-road wheels with perfection in every detail.



Hostile has always been an extremely popular wheel choice for trucks, mainly show-style trucks, but they also offer models that are suitable for less of a show-style truck.



Their most popular wheel so far in 2022 is the Sprocket which is a geometric 8-spoke wheel offered in Chrome, Satin Black, and Black and Blade Cut finishes.



5) Vision


Why Vision Wheel?


  • Extreme quality & timeless wheel designs

  • +40 years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry

  • Strength, endurance, and performance focus

  • Wheels for off-road use, American muscle, street, and ATV's/UTV's



Vision Wheel is #5 on the list. Vision Wheel was founded in 1968, so they've made a huge impact on the truck wheel industry. They are fueled by a mission to provide enthusiasts with high-quality wheels with timeless designs.



As their name suggests, Vision Wheel is always looking into the future for wheel design inspiration. Their wheels can be seen on a variety of trucks and off-road vehicles in different road conditions and environments; in other words, they have a wheel for every truck.


6) Ballistic Off-Road


Why Ballistic Off-Road?


  • Rugged, off-road inspired wheel designs
  • Offers a wide variety of finishes, sizes, and fitments
  • Extensive history in the aftermarket wheel industry
  • Other brands from this company: Bold Off-Road, Cratus, Panther Off-Road, and Sothis



For #6 on our list of Top 10 Truck Wheel Brands in 2022, we have Ballistic Off-Road. Ballistic Off-Road has been designing rugged, off-road-inspired wheels for over two decades.



Ballistic is known for offering a lot of fitment options to accommodate different types of trucks. Their designs also look really good on almost every truck or off-road vehicle.



One of their most popular wheels so far in 2022 is the Rage which is an 8-spoke one-piece wheel with a good-looking center cap that adds an aggressive look to the wheel.


7) Method Race Wheels

Why Method Race Wheels?


  • Popular in race and street market

  • Performance and off-road focus

  • Also offers classic and versatile wheel designs

  • The high-quality manufacturing process for durability and reliability



Moving down the list, we have Method Race Wheels at #7. The method has been a very popular wheel in the race and street wheel market since 2010.



They offer a complete lineup of wheels for off-road vehicles, trucks, buggies, and rock crawlers, as well as street wheels for Jeep, light truck, and SUV applications.



While they still offer more aggressive style wheels, they also have more classic designs that complement a lot of trucks and other vehicles. Method Race Wheels is vocal about its commitment to quality and high standards for their manufacturing and testing standards.


8) Moto Metal


Why Moto Metal?


  • Huge community and connection to the company's values

  • Aggressive designs & classic designs

  • Motorcross and Dirt racing inspiration

  • A leader in the aftermarket wheel industry for quality



If you haven't heard of Moto Metal wheels, they have remained a leader in the aftermarket wheel industry for trucks that actually originated in the motocross community.



Moto Metal Wheels also offers a lot of classic wheel designs that look good on almost any truck or SUV. Aside from their popular wheel designs, they've made waves in the aftermarket wheel industry because of the community they've created.



They are core beliefs of being unapologetically yourself and not following the mainstream lifestyle. Their wheels have become a symbol of this for enthusiasts and rule breaks alike.



9) Black Rhino Wheels


Why Black Rhino Wheels?


  • High-quality wheels made for durability and style

  • Several series of wheels: Off-Road, Truck Line, SUV, Jeep, and more

  • Designed with the enthusiast in mind

  • Lots of finish options across all wheels



Black Rhino Wheels in #9 on our Top 10 Truck Wheels in 2022. Black Rhino offers a lot of unique wheels for almost every application whether it's a truck, Jeep, SUV, van, or a dedicated off-road vehicle.



Black Rhino Wheels not only has a lot of unique designs but they are known for offering many different finishes across all their designs. No matter what look or color you're going for, Black Rhino has a wheel that will make your vehicle truly stand out from the rest.


10) TIS Wheels


Why TIS?

    • Luxury and high-class wheel designs

    • High-quality manufacturing standards

    • Popular among show-style trucks

    • Lightweight and durable



    Our last truck wheel brand on our Top 10 list for 2022 is TIS Wheels or Twenty inches Strong. TIS is an aftermarket luxury wheel manufacturer unlike a lot of the brands on this list that focus on off-road inspired designs.



    TIS has a large range of luxury designs that are incredibly lightweight and manufactured with high-quality standards.



    Their wheels are industry known for their expensive looks, but also for their durability and reliability. Their most popular wheel in 2022 so far is the 544BM wheel that features a concave 8-spoke design and is offered in a Gloss Black and Milled finish or the Gloss Black and Red Tined Milled finish.