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What Are The Best Winter Tires?

September 13, 2022

2020 Subaru WRX with Bridgestone Blizzak tires

Everything You Need To Know About Winter Tires

The weather outside might still be delightful, but eventually, we'll be finding ourselves back in the "frightful" part of the year, and though we hear you on the other side of the screen saying to yourself, "But Mr. Wheel Deal, I don't want to think about winter right now!" we get it because we don't either. But like it or not, winter is coming, and it brings the need to get your car or SUV ready for the challenges and potentially rough driving conditions that come along with it.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your vehicle winter-ready is by getting a new set of winter tires installed on it, and we want to help you on your search, by teaching you a little bit about what winter tires are, how they perform, and which ones are best for whatever you drive. Let's jump right in.

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Are Winter Tires Built Differently Than Other Tire Types?

Yes, and the key difference between winter tires and other tire types is that they're built specifically to help you cut through dense, rough road conditions without cracking or breaking. In layman's terms, winter tires are built with special rubber compounds that allow them to stay softer and bend easier, especially in cold temperatures. This is important because a tire that's too rigid can crack much more easily than a winter tire when the temperature dips below freezing, and this can also result in reduced traction, especially in icy conditions.

Winter tires are also constructed exclusively for high performance in snow, sleet, ice, and other weather types that summer and other seasons generally don't bring. That means that you'll see treads that are much deeper on a winter tire, and they'll also feature grooves that are built in a zig-zag pattern covering the tread to help keep traction and prevent you from slipping around too much.

2015 Subaru WRX with Dunlop Winter Maxx tires

Can You Use Winter Tires In All Seasons?

The main difference between winter/snow tires and most other types is that while all-season, all-terrain, and performance tires are built mostly for longevity, snow tires are engineered exclusively for performance and high traction in snowy, wet conditions. This is because winter is generally the most dangerous season that you'll be driving in, but it's also temporary, so you can get away with using snow tires because they'll provide the maximum performance possible for shorter periods of time.

This also means that while you could use winter tires year-round, it's not recommended, because not only will you begin to suffer treadwear much faster - that could be used better in winter when that deep tread is needed - you might also see some decreased performance capabilities as well. After all, deep treads and thick construction aren't really worth it when there are few, if any, situations where this will be needed during normal daily driving in the spring, summer, or fall.

2019 Subaru WRX STI with Michelin X-Ice tires

What Are The Best Winter Tire Models For Cars and SUVs?

You'll see plenty of tire commercials in the coming months that'll try to sell you hard on their winter tire models, but just like in any industry, there are some tires that just look and perform much better than the competition. We've listed some of our favorites for cars and SUVs below:

  • Michelin X-Ice Xi3
  • Bridgestone Blizzak
  • Dunlop Winter Maxx
  • General AltiMAX
  • Continental WinterContact
  • Continental VikingContact
  • Nokian Hakkapeliitta
  • Yokohama IceGuard
  • Pirelli Ice Zero

Each of these tires is built to give you the kind of high performance and durability that you deserve in all wintry conditions, making them perfect choices to give you not only a comfortable ride, but peace of mind too. Best yet, you can save big time on each of the tires that we listed above, as well as any others that you've got your eyes on!

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Save On Winter Tires For Your Car or Truck At Mr. Wheel Deal

At Mr. Wheel Deal, we know that you don't need to deal with any middlemen when you're just trying to get a new set of winter tires for your ride. So, we became the middlemen ourselves, and because of that, we can get you the best deals in the business on the best winter tires on the market. Check out our inventory today and, once you've got the perfect set of tires in mind for your car or SUV, fill out a quote form and we'll get you set up with a price that can't be beaten. Then, it'll be on the way to your door so you can get prepared for winter right now!